Welcome to Integrated Solutions Group, Inc.

ISG has been developing and integrating technology solutions for managing bulk products since 1989. We develop software applications and are experts at integrating hardware with software platforms. In addition, we provide project management and integration services for the TankVista® web-based remote tank and asset monitoring system.

Grain Software

datafluence® GEMS software from Integrated Solutions Group is designed specifically for terminal and receiving elevators. It is optimized to move grain (or any other bulk products) through an elevator with as little software overhead as possible. Configurable transaction types allow you to fine tune your user interface for a faster process with fewer errors.

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Remote Monitoring

Integrated Solutions Group provides project management and integration services for remote tank, bin and asset monitoring solutions. Using the TankVista™ web platform from New Boundary Technologies, we can provide you with a powerful web-based platform for viewing tank and bin levels, as well as any other electronically measured data for remote assets.

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Technology Solutions

Integrated Solutions Group provides technology solutions for bulk product management and handling. From the beginning, we have always been known for our ability to integrate hardware technology with software to solve problems. We work side-by-side with process control engineers and equipment manufactures to incorporate the right technologies to produce the best solutions.

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