Grain Software

datafluence® GEMS software from Integrated Solutions Group is designed specifically for terminal and receiving elevators. It is optimized to move grain (or any other bulk products) through a facility with as little software overhead as possible. Configurable transaction types allow you to fine tune your user interface for a faster process with fewer errors.

GEMS handles inbound and outbound contracts with flexible pricing, inbound and outbound shipments, and rock-solid inventory tracking. As part of our GEMS solution, we also include a powerful data mining tool that provides easy access to your data beyond the standard GEMS reporting.

GEMS (General Elevator Management System) was developed after many years of working with grain software. After developing three different custom grain systems, it became clear to us that there wasn’t a good generic grain system option that focused on terminal and receiving elevators. Country elevators and cooperatives require additional functionality in their grain systems. This tends to complicate software and make the user experience more complex for elevators that don’t need that additional functionality. GEMS is designed to buy and receive grain, track your inventory, and ship it out or issue it into production, and it does these things extremely efficiently.

GEMS is scalable to handle multi-location environments on a hosted platform. It can also be implemented as a single location solution to manage inventory and contracts for large growers. And, it isn’t just a grain system. With the configurability that is built into the system, GEMS can be used to manage almost any type of bulk products.